Group Fitness

Our classes are awesome. We have a large variety of other classes such as: Regular Step Aerobics, Boot Camp, Step & Sculpt, Tone & Step, Twin Step, Floor Aerobics, Fit and Fabulous, Pilates and Yoga too.  All of our instructors are certified, so you can count on professional and safe classes. Pick up a schedule for daily times and classes. You can also click on the link below and see the calendar.

We have an excellent sound system and air conditioning, so come and work out to the beat! You can buy aerobic packages separately or have it included in a membership.  

All Classes are an hour in length. Class format is 8-12 minutes of warm-up and stretch, followed by usually 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, followed by 15 minutes of toning and/or strength, and stretching. Check with an instructor or the front desk staff and find out which classes will be right for you!!


Class Description
STEP Challenge yourself by stepping up and down onto an adjustable 4” to 12”. Upper body arm movement is added to intensify the workout. A great cardio workout! Step is done horizontally or vertically.
STEP/SCULPT A step class followed by a group of exercises to strengthen and tone specific areas. The sculpting is done with cable, dynabands, exercise bands, hand weights, or one’s own body resistance
FLOOR A great cardio workout a step combining high and low impact moves on the floor. Set to great music, this class is fun!